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Mahwi Grain Millers

Mahwi Grain Millers

About Mahwi Grain Millers

Mahwi Grain Millers Ltd is a fully private company committed to feeding people. It was created to carry out the extension of the grains trading and milling activities that started since 2015 by the founders. Beside the production of edible grains flour into a variety of products, we are committed to extend our investments into Animal feed processing and commercialization as well as the production of edible oil from various grains available across Africa.

We have brought to the food industry market a high quality brand that is Mahwi™, by providing a wide range of excellent products that gives to our distributors and end-users a variety of choices. We aim at building credibility for high quality at a competitive price, backed by recommendations and feedbacks from our clients




October 23, 2015


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